Buddy List

6 05 2008

I made a new vid. of my May buddy list, so here it is!

Hope u enjoy, comment and rate!

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~Razo194 🙂 ~



5 05 2008

Hey guys, A while ago i made an account on youtube, and i finally put a vid on! My account is http://www.youtube.com/user/Cpbomb . I havent really done any thing cool on it (like put a backround or info about me). But the stpid video wont upload!!! 😩 😡 I’ll keep trying to upload it and show u guys!



My 25,000 Hits Party

3 05 2008

Hey, its Purpalooloo and here is my invitation to my 25,000 hits party:

  • Who: Everyone on club penguin
  • What: We will party at my igloo, play games and more!
  • When: Saturday, May 3rd, at 5:00 Club Penguin time
  • Where: In UK on Frozen starting at my igloo
  • Why: 25,000 hits
  • Hope you all can make it


    New Wigs and Clothing!

    2 05 2008

    Woa, so many new/cool items i couldnt keep track, Here are the secrets for the Wig Catalog-

    Click on the Spikester for the Spikette.

    Now for the secrets of the Clothing Catalog-

    Click on the dragons arm for the cristal staff:

    Click on the Emerald Hat for the Woodsman’s Hat:

    Click the Casual Suit Jacket for the Cheese Neck Tie:

    Click on the bunny’s bow for the Viking Helmats (Open and Close the red helmat for the blue one):

    There is also a secret note in the back of the catalog:


    ~ Cya Later Razo194 ~




    New Newspaper

    2 05 2008

    Hola everyone, im getting ready for the new catalogs 2marrow, here are some important things in the new news:

    There are new things happening , sorry something is wrong with the pics so i’ll just have to use Toronto’s pictures, thanx Toronto ( www.clubpenguincp.com )

    There are gunna be some awesome wigs on friday:

    Btw Rockhopper is leaving May8th so be sure to get all the free items.

    ~ Razo194 ~

    PS: Im changing the date, the contest ends on Sunday, Here are the contest leaders:

    Wwe619punk: 432 comments

    CpDude: 17 comments

    Cpmac: 1 comment (lol)




    Rare Penguin Contest!

    29 04 2008

    Hey ppl, im having a commenting contest, so the penguin with the most comments win!. Here are some other rules:

    1. No Cussing, Cheating or Spaming.

    2. Only 1 number per comment.

    3. Have fun!

    Here is the penguin im giving away!

    The contest ends on Friday or Saturday.


    Rockhoppers Key+ 2 new rooms+ A new game!

    29 04 2008

    Hello everyone! Uhh sorry guys, im too lazy to tate pics so i took this from Watex, www.watex.wordpress.com .

    I’ve found the key! It’s at the back of Rockhopper’s Journal in the Library in the Book Room (2nd floor of Coffee Shop). You can also wear the Key like a pin!

    Once you obtain the key, go onto Rockhopper’s ship and go into the Captain’s Quarters! The room has a Notice Board from RH, a new multiplayer game “Treasure Hunt”, and How to Play on the wall.

    To play Treasure Hunt, you basically have to work with your partner by digging vertically or horizontally for treasure. Any shines in the sand mean there’s treasure underneath. All treasure completely exposed at the end will be yours. This reminds me tremendously of the treasure game in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

    If you’re having trouble finding a game to play, go to an empty server, stand by a match, wait for it to end, and immediately enter it.

    There is also a 2nd new room. Click the arrow on the Mast and it’ll bring you up to the Crow’s Nest, which has a powerful cannon.


    Sorry i didnt take the pics myself.